I am

Toni Thai.

Visual Creator

Director x Writer x Photographer x Actor

I create for audiences that crave authenticity.

featured work


DIRECTOR - Fresh and fun content I directed for Pantene's Gold Series line. (Click Logo)

COPYWRITER & DIRECTOR - In one of those once in a lifetime opportunities, Kmart allowed me to write and direct a song celebrating their Butt Enhancing jeans. Our heroine is excited about her rear end getting a boost. (Click Logo)

COPYWRITER & DIRECTOR - For the Nicki Minaj Collection, I wrote the script and directed this informative script about the "technology" behind Nicki's jeans. (Click Logo)

DIRECTOR - Lifetime television asked on me to direct this super fun Christmas Jingle starring TARAJI P. HENSON we did the classic version, then I encouraged Taraji to freestyle a remix. (Click Logo).

COPYWRITER - For The 99 Problems Super PAC, I wrote the copy for this Down Ballot guide and came up with the #GoogleThatShit call to action hashtag. (Click Logo)

DIRECTOR - For Nissan I directed this "man on the street" interviews in New York City to ask Moms, how they get their kids up for school in the morning. 

directing reel


written, directed by and co-starring Toni Thai Sterrett 



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I am a Filmmaker, Writer, Actor, Photography and Speaker currently offering my gifts to the world in different forms. Be it, film or social media, my job as a creative is to give. Give to my audiences, viewers and listeners who give back the gift of recieving. I was born in Harlem, NYC. I managed to Graduate Magna Cum Laude from college (Film & English double major) despite traveling, partying and exploring life. After Graduating, I co-produced and co-starred in the Gotham Award Nominated film, August The First and later dove full time into writing and directing short films, commercials and branded content. I've gotten the opportunity to work with major brands.