documentary shorts

Tracey L. Fisher: Unapologetic As the first person tried and convicted under Pennsylvania's draconian "drug kingpin" laws, Tracey L. Fisher developed his "10 Steps To Reentry". An award winning reentry program birthed while Tracey served a 23 year sentence. 3 years after his release, Tracey receives earth shattering news Tracey must either fold or flourish. Directed and Produced by Toni Thai Sterrett.

The Impact: Traumatizing Kids, under the guidance of Toni Thai Sterrett, is a short documentary directed by & starring a brilliant group of young 9-12 year old kids, who share how those deadly police shooting videos, that circulate on social media, affects them. They also share if and/or why they fear the police. Produced by Toni Thai Sterrett.

Interview reel

Interviews Directed & Produced by Toni Thai Sterrett. - My Philosophy

My Philosophy, is a raw and in your face, 3 part interview series created, directed, and produced by Toni Thai Sterrett. Here, former music mogul Dame Dash shares his philosophy for success and his outlook on life as he hustles to find a new path after the demise of Rocafella records and his fallout with Megastar and former business parter, Jay Z.