Potty Break

is a raw and funny web series written and directed by Toni Thai Sterrett. The journey takes place in the bathroom because everyone wants to know, "why do women  go to the bathroom together?" Potty Break stars British actress, Donna Augustin alongside Toni for a wild ride. Week to week, we meet these ladies, in the ladies room, of the hip club they frequent every week as they try to find themselves and/or a man. Potty Break has guest appearances by, the very funny, Emmy and Grammy Award winner Robert Glasper and the "wild and woke" Actress/Chef Santana Benitez (from Netflix's She's Gotta Have It.)

Catch Potty Break on TV One's new digital streaming service, A Space For Creators. 

Tracey L. Fisher: Unapologetic is an edgy and powerful feature length Documentary about Tracey L. Fisher, founder of Gateway to Re-Entry. Tracey spent 22 years in the Pennsylvania Federal Prison system as the first person sentenced under the state's Drug Kingpin law. After his release (in 2012) he's become an "unapologetic" force for good. After closely aligning himself with some of the state's top politicians, we journey with Tracey as he fights to make changes in the state's sentencing guidelines, the treatment of prisoners and in the fight for his life after recently being diagnosed with cancer.